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Pics shows: The Oktoberfest trainers;

Adidas has launched a special pair of beer and vomit-proof trainers which are sure to go down well with fans of the upcoming Oktoberfest.

German shoe company Adidas launched the new shoes just in time for the world's most famous beer festival, which will kick off on 16th September in the Bavarian capital of Munich.

And while many Bavarian men dress up in rugged lederhosen, while women show off their cleavage in dirndls, not many locals opt for historic "Haferlschuhs", the traditional Bavarian footwear, as they deem normal trainers more comfortable to dance in on the long tables in the beer tents.

Adidas therefore wanted to give Oktoberfest festivalgoers an alternative which fits better with a traditional outfit and is also resistant to the tons of spilled beer and vomiting tourists found on the festival grounds.

The limited edition Oktoberfest shoes are made from fine leather with "DPBR" coating, a new Adidas abbreviation for "durable puke and beer repellent."

They have a rich embroidery that will match similar designs found on lederhosen. The brown colours of the shoes go well with the traditional Bavarian leather breeches.

On the inside they have red and white checked tablecloth lining for what the firm calls a "special Alpine flavour", as they also match the checked shirts traditionally worn by men under their lederhosen.

The word "prost" ("cheers") printed on the shoes makes for a nice final touch.

The shoes can be bought in Germany for 200 EUR, or ordered on the British Adidas website for 159.95 GBP.

They come with a special edition 1L beer mug called "mass" in which beer is traditionally served at the Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest will be held from 16th September to 4th October this year.

Adidas выпустил кроссовки для Октоберфеста

Adidas поддержал самый известный пивной фестиваль Германии — мюнхенский «Октоберфест», который в этом году пройдет с 16 сентября по 4 октября. Adidas & Oktoberfest Специально к фестивалю компания выпустила ограниченную серию кроссовок, устойчивых к пиву и рвоте, как пишет Daily Mail. Обувь сделана из тонкой кожи со специальным покрытием. Темно-коричневый цвет хорошо сочетается с традиционными…

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